Surprising Facts About Your Dog and Cat Nutrition They Don’t Want You To Know

You may be surprised to know that many dog and cat food companies don’t actually make pet food and whether we like it or not it comes as no surprise that its the marketing companies who control the industry.

Many marketing companies will convince you that your feed is more nutritious that it really is. Low quality food that gets dressed up as a premium quality brand is not only a waste of your hard earned money – low quality ingredients take a toll on your dogs health, resulting in higher vet bills.

Almost all chronic health issues like joint disease, digestive disease, allergies and cancers can be attributed to the food you feed your dog or cat…”

So why does everyone talk about protein?

Protein is crucial and the first ingredient we tent to look for. Protein should be first and second on the list of ingredients. Manufacturers are fully aware of this and can suppliment animal proteins with plant derived proteins though. The reason for this?

Well, plant protein is cheaper to produce.

Your dog or cat needs essential amino acids. Essential means that they have to get this from the food they eat because they can’t produce it themselves. Plant proteins won’t provide this and can often be more difficult to digest. So, not only should you look out for the percentage of protein, you should look at it’s source in the list of ingredients.

What’s different about Exe Valley?

Great question!

Our unique recipe includes an average of 50% protein which is steam cooked. With a large range of flavours, our feeds provide a balanced essential amino acid rich intake.

Carbohydrates come from sweet potatoe rather than grain so we’re totally grain free!

We’ve added omega 3 oil suppliment which is an excellent source of EPA and EHA to support cognetive function, visual development and helps reduce inflammation.

With a sprinkle of herbs for antioxident protection and flavour, your dog or cat will love our unique blend of ingredients.

With our foods your dog gets a health advantage and you get peace of mind as standard.

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