My Dog Is Overweight – What Can I Do?

Did you know that almost half of our dogs are overweight or obese? The problem is that we think we’re giving our pooches more love by giving it more treats and at the wrong time. This can be the total opposite if you go overboard and you end up with overweight or even obese dog.

It’s so easy to spoil our pets with food. Obesity is very common in dogs and they suffer from the same symptoms as humans which includes chronic inflammation, heart disease, and metabolic disorders. Low energy is very common and in the end, it feels cruel to take them out for walks because of the strain on their joints.

So what can you do right now?

Firstly, stop worrying. Believe it or not, this could be part of the problem. Just be aware that whatever you do from now on is going to hugely benefit your furry friend and he’ll love you for it!

Ideally, you should start at your vet. Ask them if your dog is overweight and they will advise you. Don’t forget that different breeds have different characteristics so be aware of their ideal body mass index.

You will be advised about portion control and you must stick to this relentlessly. Excercise little and often and to a routein is highly advisable.

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