Optimum Nutrition Means Peak Performance.

“Whether your dog is a hard-working companion or a playful pet, you need to provide the best nutrition you can buy”

Research suggests that dog food must contain specific key ingredients to keep your dog fit and healthy. Ingredients like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals for peak performance. The correct combination of ingredients can ensure your dog will perform at the highest levels with optimum health.

So what’s different about Exe Valley Pet Foods?

All our feeds are grain free and packed with tasty protein in the form of freshly prepared steam cooked meat, poultry or fish ensuring maximum muscle repair. Oils and fats including Omega 3 ensure maximum skin and eye condition as well as a healthy coat. Naturally sourced carbohydrates from ingredients like sweet potatoes really set our feeds apart from most major brands. This is a completely balanced injection of specially prepared nutrition at an affordable price.Β 

You can have your feed delivered on monthly subscription which is ideal for working dogs – just contact us to set this up.

To find out more, go to one of our local stockists or simply order online.




Easily Digestible

Fruit & Veg



High Meat

Healthy Oils

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