Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

Summer is just around the corner so, if you get concerned about your dog in the hot weather – here’s a few tips.

Make sure your dog has easy access to water

This could mean that you have a few bowls of water around the house or in the garden and make the water is fresh. If the weather gets really hot you could pop a few ice cubes in to keep the water refreshing. If you’re out walking with your dog you need to take water along with you. There are all sorts of folding and portable water bottles combined with a feeding bowl.

Use cooling aids

Use a towel, cooling mat or a cooling collar. Towels which are soaked in water and then loosely wrung out can be applied to your dog. The evaporation principle really helps to lower your dog’s temperature and it’s surprising how quickly this can lower his temperature. You can also use an ice pack or cooling pack which can be really comforting.

An icey dog treat

This tasty treat will keep your dog occupied as well as having a cooling effect. Take a plastic container like an ice cream tub and fill it with a stock mixture. This can be made from water and a low salt stock cube or some leftover stock from your previous nights roast. Pour the mixture into the container and add your dogs favorite flavored Exe Valley Kibble. Place the tub in your freezer overnight and turn the ice block out the next day.

Use protective boots

These can prevent pain and injury – its amazing how quickly hard surfaces can heat up in the summer especially in urban areas. Booties can provide a much-needed layer of insulation which prevents heat transference to their body and prevent uncomfortable injuries to their paws.

Use a paddling pool or sprinkler in your garden

Not all dogs like sprinklers in which case a paddling pool may be more suited. When a dog gets wet, it’s the same as us sweating because the water evaporates and because a dog can’t sweat and can only pant to help it cool down. So, a source of cool water can prevent heat stroke in hot conditions especially if your dog has a naturally long thick coat.

Make sure your dog has access to a shaded area

If he lives outside most of the time make sure he can get some shade. So many gardens don’t offer any shade so putting up a sunshade or gazeebo will really help your dog.

Weight loss

Not such an obvious one but carrying excess weight is like your dog wearing a thick overcoat in some cases. It is best to consult your vet about a weight loss program. Involving a high-quality feed is an obvious part of any weight loss program.

Have your dog groomed

Getting your dog regularly groomed is always a good idea in hot weather. Dogs can get quite miserable when they have thick long coats especially those that are bred as working dogs in the Northern hemisphere.

Exercise in the cool part of the day

You don’t have to skip walks, just take your dog out for an early morning walk when the day is at it’s coolest. Also, do this in the evening when the sun is cooling down. Also, try to avoid any over-exuberance as this will raise your dog’s temperature unnecessarily.

Never leave your dog in a parked car in warm weather – EVER!

So many dogs die unnecessarily in parked cars every year because owners have misjudged how quickly their car will heat up – even with the windows cracked open.