Finding your dog the right bed

Everyone knows that dogs are active animals who enjoy exploring, sniffing, running and playing, it is really important that they get enough rest too. As dog owners, we can make sure our dogs get the rest they need by ensuring they have somewhere quiet and comfortable for them to rest without being disturbed.

How do to choose my dog the perfect bed

There are hundreds of different dog beds available to buy. If you watch your dog sleep, you will notice that they move around a lot! They will stretch out, curl up, on their back, or even on their belly with their legs stretched in opposite directions.

What size bed?
It is really important that you get the right size bed depending on the size of your dog. It should be big enough for your dog to lie in all-natural positions in their bed.

What type of dog bed should I get?
Dog beds will come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Round/oval beds are perfect for when your dog wants to curl up whereas mattress beds can be good for when they just want to lie out flat. Every individual dog will have preferences but it is always best to give them a few options – that way you can be certain that they are comfy. Some bed shapes like box beds or others with a side allow your dog to really cosy down and get comfy. These beds can help keep them warm and protected from any draughts. Other beds might be better in summer when your dog may want to stay cooler.

What material should my dog bed be?
Dog beds are made from a range of materials, you just need to make sure it is sufficiently padded and made from a comfortable material, they should be easily washable too. There are also a lot of waterproof/water resistant dog beds which can be good for camping or playing in the garden etc.

Where is the best place to put a dogs bed?
You want your dog to feel comfortable and calm wherever their bed is, somewhere warm and draught-free and give your dog options. You could place one bed in a quiet part of your house where they can rest undisturbed, and then place another bed in a room where the family spends time so they can be in your company while sleeping.