7 Ways To Avoid Boredom for Dogs

Leaving your best friend at home just for a few hours can be a real worry and you don’t want him to be bored. You want him to be happy and healthy so here are 7 ways you can keep your dog entertained while you’re away from home.

1. Hire a Dog Walker

Hiring a reputable dog walker can relieve quite a bit of stress for you and your pooch and, because of busy work schedules, this is becoming increasingly popular. If they’re getting that daily walk when you’re away, theyll be happy and healthy when you return. There will be plenty of dog walkers in your area and with good reputations so this is worth investigating.

2. Toys and Puzzles

Having a different toy to play with everyday is a good strategy. Like kids, your pooch can get bored very easily so rotating a different toy every day can relieve this. They all have their their favourite toy and for this reason it may not last very long – especially if its a chewy one. Alternatively, puzzles can provide hour of occupation. A favourite is the rubber KONG which is very durable and you can hide their favourite treat inside it as a reward.

3. Food Hide and Seek

It’s in your dogs nature to sniff out food so why not hide food around the house. You can hide treats in puzzle tous like the KONG. Make sure you change where you hide these as you dont want it to be too routine. Your doog could be hunting around for ages which exercises his brain and keeps him occupied.

4. Doggy TV

If your dog likes the telly then why not tune him into dog tv? It could keep him occupied for hours. Not all dogs take notice of the tv though… Alternatively, Youtube For Dogs is available 24/7.

5. Set Up A Lookout

Most dogs love to look out of the window so setting up a vantage point where he can stare at birds and watch the clouds float by, can be a welcoming and favourite place. Set his bed up at a window with a good view where he can await your homecoming.

6. Get Your Dog A Mate

This could be the best answer to your your pooches boredom but they may not always get on with a new sibling. There are some important things to consider. You have to research your choice of breed. Also, you should adopt one of a similar age and with similar energy levels. It can take time to introduce them to your current dog and to train them to be home alone with them. It’s worth contacting your local adoption agency who’ll suggest the best corse of action along with sound advice.

7. Good Neighbours

You can take turns with your neighbours especially if you work part time and being social while excersing is an ideal arrangement. Put a post on Facebook for people in a similar situation to you. You just need to work out a routine and every one wins, including your pooch!

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