We all know how we need to look after ourselves with a balanaced diet and healthy lifestyle and here at Exe Valley Pet Foods, we firmly believe in looking after the diets of our animal friends. From Cats and Dogs through to our feathered visitors in our gardens, we have a full range of foods designed to help give them a balanced and healthy diet…  unlike us however, they will not be turning their noses up at our foods!

What goes into our foods?


“Protein, its source, and digestibility are hugely important for dogs and cats”

Meat and fish are the best sources of protein with a balance of amino acids derived from animal protein and plants. Digested protein is broken down into individual amino acids and used as the building blocks for healthy tissue repair, muscle building, and coat condition.

Omega Oils & Fats

“Oils and fats are essential dietary requirements as they convert to essential fatty acids for energy production”

Omega spectrum oils are involved in many aspects of health including skin and coat condition, brain, eye health, cognitive and reproductive function.

No Artificial Ingredients

“We avoid using artificial fillers and other nasties in our products”

The more natural the food, the more digestible and kinder it is on your dog or cat. We think you’ll notice a difference in their overall health and disposition.

Grain and Filler-free Recipes

Until recently, many dog and cat foods contained grains and fillers.

“Excluding grain from our feeds makes them perfect for dogs with grain intolerance and those with sensitive digestive systems”

This not only ensures that your dog gains the maximum nutritional benefit with every meal but gives you peace of mind knowing that Exe Valley Pet Foods contribute to their long term health.

Vitamins & Minerals

Added vitamins in every bag of feed contribute to many aspects of health. These include vitamin A for eyesight and the immune system. Vitamin D for muscle and bone health and general balance. And vitamin D for bones, muscle health and general well being.

“A formulation with minerals such as Iron, Iodine, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, and Selenium, puts our feeds amongst the best”

Footnote: Please read through the menu of ingredients when buying dog or cat food. We think that you’ll notice a difference in your cat or dog’s disposition and even in their energy levels as many of our customers testify. Ongoing research and development proves that our feed is amongst the best you can buy. We want your dog or cat to have the very best opportunity for a long and healthy life.